Book Review: “You” by Caroline Kepnes (Published on 2014)


Fiction/Thriller (book #1 out of 2 books, 2017)

Book Plot:
The book is written so that we -the readers- are inside Joe’s sick and twisted mind while he takes us on a journey of stalking this mysterious girl called Beck.
Joe is a hypocrite psycho who blames others for his own actions and tries to eliminate them from his life thinking that will solve his problems but he keeps on finding other people to blame and the never ending cycle continues…

Book Review:

Very interesting book and I must say that it is quite different than your average crime books. It contains some very disturbing sexual comments which does make the readers resent Joe for his thoughts and actions. This book shows you what a sick person can think like and therefore act upon the reality that HE sees. It also contains a lot of references to many books and movies which if you haven’t already read or seen could be a little hard to follow but it doesn’t impact the storyline as much. Obsession could be a really dangerous thing and if you would like to find about the consequences, this book is for YOU!

Favourite Quote:
“The only thing crueler than a cage so small that a bird can’t fly is a cage so large that a bird thinks it can.”

Little Dino off to read now ~~~

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