Book Review: “The One We Fell in Love With” by Paige Toon (Published on 2016)



Fiction/Contemporary/Romance (standalone)

Book Plot:
The three identical triplets (Phoebe, Eliza and Rose) fall in love with the same guy named Angus but who sees him first changes a lot of the sisters decisions.

Book Review:
Unfortunately I couldn’t find what genre this book really belongs to online but from what I read it sounds like a contemporary romance. I bought this book without knowing anything about the author or the genre and from reading the back of the book I was expecting more of a mystery (big reveal at the end) type of book, not so much romance!

First problem was about the way it was written. The perspective changes each chapter from one sister to another (which makes it hard to like the characters) and for some reason the prologue is written in Angus’ perspective. While reading this book I had no idea if it was meant to be written like a diary or just a story. It sounded half casual half formal. Using sentences like bless him, bless that, bless this made me think it was just the sisters diary pages. (Let’s just ignore the fact that I really DO NOT like that phrase and be objective here) Ok, I understand some girls do use this phrase but now the guy character uses this phrase too? It just sounds very unnatural. It’s not just that phrase either, a lot of the dialogues just sound very unnatural to me and to be honest I didn’t like the way this book was written at all. As I said in my other reviews I really don’t like giving mean reviews but I made this blog to give my honest opinion so I am sorry if you guys like her books but as someone who has never heard of her before, reading this book made me not want to read any other books by Paige Toon ever again.

Now for the story-line and characters:
The story is messed up! and the characters are awful! seriously? Triplets falling in love with the same guy? for TEN YEARS? (since they were teenagers until 27-28) When I picked this book up I was assuming the sisters didn’t know the person they loved was the same exact guy but they do! I don’t know about you guys but this sounds really messed up. How can you love a guy who was with your sister at one point? (or the other way around) I don’t believe anyone would do that to their own friends let alone family! This sounds so incest to me even if they are not blood related! This is just so disgusting and absolutely horrible. These girls know no boundaries! It wasn’t even just a mere crush out of immaturity! They kept going at it for 10 years! These girls are 28! and still act like 12 year olds? (not that it still makes it ok to love your sister’s boyfriend when you are a teenagers but a lot more understandable) I can’t express how shocked and disgusted I was by the story-line and these characters actions.(since I could read exactly what they were thinking too) I could go all day talking about how wrong it is to act the way these characters did but this has already become one of the longest reviews yet so I’ll just move on to the characters.

Phoebe does whatever she desires without thinking about how her actions could upset people around her or make their lives harder. (we don’t get much story told from her perspective)
Rose needs to get a life cause she won’t stop meddling with other people’s. (the worst type of person you could ever acquaintance) I don’t care how much the writer says her actions are due to the fact she wants to help people, I just see that as an excuse. She is just too interested in other people’s lives because nothing goes on in hers.
Eliza has mental problems (not really said so in the book but from a third point of view) She doesn’t even know what she wants! It’s almost like she doesn’t want to live a happy life. ALMOST! Why? Because she acts like a victim in every situation, She brings herself and people around her down by using excuses (example has a little bit of spoiler so if you haven’t read this book stop now and read the rest of the review after the brackets. so the example: She is about to get it on with Angus and suddenly stops and mentions Phoebe…) Make your mind up girl! Everything that has happened to her is because of her own decisions. She has no right to act the way she does when she hasn’t even tried to explain or fix anything.
Last but not least, the main guy character, Angus. So apparently beside him being handsome there is no other reason for these girls to be head over heals for him. (and I’m guessing he looks the same after 10 years that they are still sooo in love lol)

So I must ask: Do you really think it makes sense to love someone that was with your sister, and keep these feelings for TEN years just because the guy is handsome? (You guys get the picture here right?)

This book was just so awful. I could not care less about the characters and what happened to them. The plot was worse than anything I’ve read before. It was very slow paced and boring.
After reading this book I understood why I could find such a recently published book (2016) in a pile of unwanted second hand books for less than a dollar! At least I didn’t pay the full price for this book cause if I did I’d be crying for my money now…

Favourite Quote:
I was so close to having a favourite Quote in this book but the next line after that ruined the whole meaning to the line that I liked and now it just sounds stupid so NO, no quotes that I liked.

Little Dino off to read now ~~~

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