Book Review: “Kiss of Death” by PD Martin (Published on 2010)


Fiction/Mystery/Crime (book #5 in Sophie Anderson series)

Book Plot:
Sophie Anderson is an FBI criminal profiler who comes across a new crime scene. The victim has two puncture wounds on her neck and is drained of blood. Will Sophie be able to solve this case without letting her emotions get in the way?

Book Review:
This book is written in first person point of view (Sophie’s POV) which made me realize that for someone who works for FBI she is very immature and unprofessional. While working on this case where people are dying, Sophie forms a relationship with the suspects and is only thinking about how to get closer to these so called vampires! (Who hired this girl?)
Now let’s put aside this childish agent and move on to some positive points. The good things about this book were that it was actually really hard to find who the criminal was! (I’m not sure if it was because Sophie didn’t do her job properly which made us confused or it was just well written…) I like vampires and to be honest the reason I picked up this book was because It was a crime book about vampires! (I didn’t know the author or that it was part of a series) I was a bit disappointed since they are not really vampires though, hence only rating it 2 stars.
Overall it is not the type of book I like. It has some supernatural elements added to it which makes the story and it’s world confusing. How is it OK to have psychic powers but when it comes to vampires it’s just like ‘Oh Nooo! That’s some heavy fantasy right there! Vampires are not real!!!’. (If the author is trying to stay close to reality by saying that the vampires aren’t actually ‘Real vampires’ then I don’t understand the logic of giving them special powers.)
When I read a crime book I want to go on a journey with the detective or whoever is solving the case. I want to get some hints and clues and try and find the criminal. I don’t want some magical girl with these special brain powers see the crime and just solves it like that.
Also the way it was written didn’t really let me connect with the characters so as a result I didn’t care about what happened to the characters, I just wanted to finish the book and start a new one. (I don’t like leaving books unfinished)
I’ve read many good crime/mystery books but this book definitely was not one of them. (unfortunately)
Maybe for someone who likes fantasy books and have not read a crime book before this could be a bridge to this new genre, but still I don’t recommend it nor will I buy the rest of this series. (Sophie was NOT a character I want to follow)

Favourite Quote:
There was none.

Little Dino off to read now ~~~

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