Book Review: “Eeny Meeny” by M.J. Arlidge (Published on 2014)


Fiction/Thriller/Mystery/Crime (book #1 in Helen Grace series)

Book Plot:
A pair of victims are getting abducted but only one gets to survive by choosing between killing or dying. Detective Helen Grace is in charge of investigating these crimes. Her dark past is hunting her as she can see a connection between herself and the victims of these criminal acts.

Book Review:
I really liked this book and would recommend it to readers who enjoy crime/mystery stories. Some people might hate on this book because the crime setting is kind of similar to the movie ‘SAW’ and the concept may be overused but it’s the criminal’s motives and the story behind it that keeps the readers engaged. Although both criminals in this book and Jigsaw have a good point to make, they are totally different points and interesting in their own ways.
I love the story behind these abductions and the criminal’s motives. I really sympathise with the abductor rather than the Detective in this book and understand the reasons behind these behaviors. (I just don’t really like Helen. She doesn’t deserve all that she has and I guess it’s good that she knows it but still I don’t feel like it’s fair. You’ll know what i mean if you read the book 😛 )
This book is written in third point of view so it does get jumpy from time to time. Personally I don’t really mind that in this book since I can try and guess who’s story is being told and it does give it a little bit more mystery but if you have a hard time following these types of books or just don’t like perspective changes in general then I don’t think this book is for you. (It’s not that hard to follow in my opinion)
It really is written well and engages the readers right from the start of the first chapter. As it goes on you could find the story a little repetitive but it’s all just building up for the BIG reveal at the end. (So don’t give up and keep reading!)
I have a little love-and-hate relationship with the ending! It did wrap everything up pretty well but I still wanted to read more and know what happened to the characters later in life, but then at the same time it really did feel like the perfect ending! I just LOVE the last sentence so much! all the hatred, all the pain, all these lives that were taken, it just ends so well with that one last sentence! (It left such a big impact on me and I praise the author!)
When I was reading this book I wasn’t aware that it was part of a series so i’m guessing in the next book the author would talk about the characters more. (so YEYIII!)

Favourite Quote:
“Would you rather lose your life or lose your mind?”

Little Dino off to read now ~~~

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