Book Review: “Trust in Me” by Sophie Mckenzie (Published on 2014)


Fiction/Mystery/Crime/thriller (Standalone)

Book Plot:
18 years after Livy’s sister’s brutal murder, Julia (Livy’s best friend) commits suicide. Livy doesn’t believe Julia would kill herself so she starts digging into her life, and that reveals a lot more than what she bargained for.

Book Review:
This book is written in two different point of views. For most parts it’s in Livy’s POV, but some chapters are written in the killer’s POV, which makes this books really interesting because even though you’re inside the murderer’s head, you still have no idea who he/she is!
The story plot does a really good job of keeping the killer’s identity a secret until almost the end of the book. It was impossible to be 100% sure who the murderer was and that’s what I really liked about this book. There was only one clue that made my mind set on who the killer was and that was still more than halfway through the book and I was still not 100% sure! Like only 99.9% because I didn’t know if the author just missed that, didn’t really care or she was actually being really smart (and sneaky!) by using such a clever hint! I don’t want to spoil the book by saying what the hint was but if you’ve read the book and want to know which line I’m referring to, click “Poor Julia” You can see Paul using that line in the chapter’s that are in the killer’s POV, and later in a chapter from Livy’s point of view, while she’s talking to Paul, he uses the same exact expression! I think it was really clever of Sophie Mckenzie to use the way people talk and express themselves as a clue!
Even though I kind of knew who the killer was before the big reveal (it didn’t really catch me off guard) I really enjoyed this book and read the whole thing with high interest. I didn’t really LOVE any of the characters but considering it’s a crime/mystery standalone, there was not much time for character development, but the author still did a good job of portraying them!
I was just a bit disappointed with the murder motives (not all, but some) which I really care about and look forward to when reading crime books. It wasn’t the most amazing book ever but I still really liked it. If the motives were a bit stronger or better explained I would have probably gave this book at least a 4 star but a 3.5 is still a really good rate in my opinion. (If I give a book 3 or more stars that means I liked it and it’s worth a read!)

Favourite Quote:
Unfortunately I was not taking notes while reading this book and I can’t really remember any quotes that I liked from it 🙁 If I ever reread it, I’ll definitely come back and update this post!

Little Dino off to read now ~~~

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