Book Review: “The Girl in 6E” by A.R Torre (Published on 2014)


Fiction/Thriller (book #1 of trilogy)

Book Plot:
Deanna is a webcam sexual performer who has not left her apartment in 3 years because she has uncontrollable murderous thoughts and tendencies. She has many clients online and among them, Ralph is the most worrisome of all. Telling her to dress up as a young girl and contentiously calling her Annie makes Deanna suspicious and worried that his extreme fantasies might come to life. She makes it her mission to find Ralph identity and to save the young girl he has abducted but in order to do that she needs to leave her apartment.

Book Review:

This book definitely does have a unique plot. I’ve been reading crime books more than any other genre and haven’t come across a story like The Girl in 6E. Usually when you read a crime book you are given the crime and a few clue to find the criminal and eventually the criminal is revealed almost at the end of the book but in this case you already know the crime, you know the criminal and you know the motives. The only thing left to know is Deanne’s plan.
It does sometimes jump from first person (Deanna point of view) to third person but it’s not confusing at all. (there is a name typed at the start of the chapters that are not written first person point of view to tell you those people’s story)
I’m not a fan of erotica and don’t really appreciate sexual comments in books but I must say even though there are quite a lot of sexual content written in this book it did not disgust me or made me like this book any less.
I like the story-line, I like the characters and the writing is pretty good. It does take a bit to reach to the crime bits of the story but it is a fast paced book. Even though I didn’t fall in love with this book I really liked it and to be honest couldn’t really find anything to criticize.

Favourite Quote:
“I don’t know what is sadder, expecting myself to fail or being too scared to dream of success.”

Little Dino off to read now ~~~

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