Book Review: “Love You More” by Lisa Gardner (Published on 2011)


Fiction/Mystery/Thriller (book #5 in Detective D.D. Warren series, book #1 in Tessa Leoni series)

Book Plot:
Detective D.D. Warren is in charge of a murder case where Tessa Leoni, a state police trooper, claims she shot her husband in self-defense. Tessa’s 6 years old daughter is missing and D.D. has to work fast if she wants to find her alive.

Point of View:
Each chapter changes between:
First Person POV (Tessa Leoni)
Third Person POV (showing D.D. Warren’s side of story)

Book Review:
To be honest this was not one of my favourite Lisa Gardner book. It had an interesting plot but I just didn’t really like D.D. in this book. I haven’t read the whole D.D. Warren series but it seems like she jumps to conclusions really fast without having solid evidence which makes the readers feel like they can’t rely on her as a detective. This also happened in the other book Alone which you can read the review ‘here‘ , but it was a small moment and she had more convincing evidence and also the story wasn’t showing much about her either. But in this book she felt like a villain for at least 75% of the story. (She was acting weird, like a know-it-all… she almost sounded jealous…)

Good point was that the timeline was pretty consistent apart from a few flashbacks, so it was easy to follow and understand what was going on. I did think the story was a little slow but it was building up for the reveal. (Or I could have only thought it was slow because I didn’t really like following D.D.’s side of the story and couldn’t wait to read more of Tessa’s side)

What disappointed me in this book was the lack of hidden hints and clues. Every hint that was given was pretty obvious and did not surprise me when I got to the end of the book. For example when Tessa’s boss mentioned the missing money I knew straightaway he had something to do with it. Or when They went to Lyon’s place I knew he was part of what happened to Tessa. Personally I like it when I read a mystery and it has those little details that you have to pay attention to notice it and the fact that this book didn’t have that surprise factor for me made me give it a 3 star rating. (And the fact that D.D. became an unreliable detective in my eyes)

Favourite Quote:
“I sat on the hard wooden bench and watched the hookers and drug dealers, who still had more people who loved them than I did.”

Little Dino off to read now ~~~

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