Book Review: “Horn-Horn” by A. D. I. Mclellan (Published on 2017)

Rate: 1/5

Fiction/YA/Fantasy (Book #1)

Book Plot:
Cassie and her family have moved to a town called ‘Horn-Horn’.
Cassie is having a hard time at school but after an unfortunate accident she has in the woods, school problems don’t seem too important anymore. Cassie will never be able to have a normal day after finding out about the magical being , Child of Crux, and his past.

Point of View:
First Person POV (Cassandra/Cassie Gellar)
Third Person POV

Book Review:
I must start by stating that this book is not actually published in paper! (unlike the photo) It is only available as E-book and I just photoshopped the photo because I’d hate to leave it empty as my other reviews all have pictures included.
Also I find it really hard to rate a series without actually reading all the books, but this series is new and there are no other books published yet. So you should keep in mind that it can get better and better by each book that comes out. (or vise-versa)

Now with the actual review.
First thing that threw me a little off was the characters. Brendan (Cassie’s brother) is mentioned to be only 11 years-old but in my opinion he does not talk or behave like one. I understand a lot of boys that age could have dirty thoughts or say sexual things (even though I think 11 is too young to even know what those things are!) but I don’t find it realistic that he does that in front of his mum! And his mum DOES NOT react??? Not that big of an issue, but it just makes the Gellars’ characters unrealistic. You also see Cassie comment about her family members and describe them in a very rude manner. (Which again is not a big issue but does make me dislike the characters)
Overall I didn’t really like any of the characters. (except Pier)

The opening of the book is pretty slow and it has more of a contemporary style to it. (which as you may know by now is not a genre I enjoy to read and when I do, I tend to dislike the book and the characters in it) Which to be honest made me really disappointed but luckily some magical elements started to creep in around chapter 7 and I got a bit more interested in reading the book.

The point of view in the book changes here and there with no set orders between Cassie’s POV and third person POV which mostly shows Ursella’s side of the story. I don’t personally like this technique but I don’t mind it as long as it is done well, but unfortunately I found a few errors in the way it was written.
For example, when the author is writing in third person POV, he refers to cassie’s mum as “mom” and not by her name. (not even ‘Cassie’s mom, it just says “mom”)
And when the author is writing in first person POV, he mentions facts that Cassie wouldn’t possibly know. For example, the scene where Ursella is introducing herself to Cassie as “Purplewink” (sorry I forgot her fake first name) Cassie says “Ursella lied”. Cassie is not suppose to know Ursella’s real name or even the fact that she lied.
Also there are parts in Cassie’s POV that shows other characters’ inner thoughts that Cassie couldn’t possibly have any clue about.
Then again you could say that it’s not really changing to third person POV and it’s been Cassie telling the story all along. (to me they just seemed like errors and I didn’t enjoy them)

I did like the idea of the story though. It had some really clever aspects which I can’t discuss because of spoilers.
I believe there is so much more that needs to be shown and if that’s done well, this series could have a rating of at least 3 stars as a whole, but at this moment, with me only reading the first book, I can’t help to give this book anything more than a 1 star rating as it has left me with too many questions (again can’t discuss because of spoilers) and not much interest in the characters.

Favourite Quote:
Unfortunately I didn’t really like any quotes in this book. There was one that made me chuckle a bit, but if you look at the other quotes that I wrote as my favourites you’ll see that the vibe is totally different. They are mostly dark or meaningful but this book had a more fun and humorous approach so it was hard to find a quote that stuck with me.

Little Dino off to read now ~~~

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