Book Review: “Alone” by Lisa Gardner (Published on 2005)


Fiction/Mystery/Thriller (book #1 in Detective D.D. Warren series)

Book Plot:
Officer Dodge (Bobby) shot a man (Jimmy) believing that he was a threat to his family when he gets a domestic violence call but he has a hard time living with the fact that he shot someone. Things take a turn and officer dodge is not sure anymore if he shot the right person after hearing Jimmy was protecting his child from his wife (Catherine) and he needs to find the truth before they send him to jail.
Catherine had a dark childhood and the death of her husband is bringing her mixed feelings. She wants to protect Nathan (her son) but it might be harder than what she thinks with Jimmy’s parents trying to take Nathan’s custody and someone hunting her with a message: BOO

Book Review:
With every Lisa Gardner book I read I become more of a fan. I love her books for the fact that it’s exactly what you expect from a good crime/mystery book. It’s well written and it has tons of unpredictable twists, especially this book! I had so many plots and outcomes in my head but when I finished the book it wasn’t what I expected at all! The truth and the motives were so mysterious and original that I didn’t even think about those possibility! (I totally did NOT see that coming!)
Another reason I love her books is the fact that you can see the research she has done before publishing the book. (The characters personalities and roles, job descriptions and jargon used shows that perfectly) I’ve read so many books that just don’t make sense like the plot and characters are so fake that you know instantly this is not possible in real life but in this book although the plot may be shocking it is something that could happen in real life.
Alone really is a huge mystery as I was 150-200 pages in and still couldn’t pick a side! (That does not happen often with me) I couldn’t tell who was lying and who was telling the truth and I was hungry for some answers! Which thankfully I got when I finished the book! (Some crime books leave you with not-so-satisfying answers at the end but not this book. I got the answers I needed. Just have some patience 😛 )
I didn’t really LOVE any of the characters but I did HATE Nathan’s grandparents (James & Maryanne) Such disgusting creatures. (not really creatures, they’re human but since I hate them let’s not call them that!) I don’t usually hate book characters even if they’re evil but these two are just despicable! (This just shows that the book is well written since I can feel so strong towards fictional characters! hahaha)
I like a crime book that gives you some clues and you have to guess the criminal until the BIG REVEAL but I think in this book the criminal was a little bit too easily given and didn’t leave much time for guessing instead it was the motives that were the mystery of the book. I still did like it though But I don’t think this was Lisa Gardner’s best book. It was a good book but not the best and that’s why it didn’t receive a 5 star! (so close tho!!!)

Favourite Quote:
“And she wondered now, what had disappointed him most, his own imminent death, or the fact that he hadn’t been able to kill her first.”

Little Dino off to read now ~~~

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5 thoughts on “Book Review: “Alone” by Lisa Gardner (Published on 2005)

  1. This is the book with the same name as the one I was reading. So different though, this is more realistic. The one I read was more unrealistic lol, I wasn’t sure how to describe it. (btw it’s oyroyam from Instagram) I really like crime and mystery books but I don’t know why most of the books I find are dystopian or filled with magic and other things lol. I love when a book keeps you guessing, I wanted to be a crime investigator so it’s fun when we’re part of it in a book.

    1. Oh Hiii! Sorry I just saw your comment! IKR I wanted to be a detective hahahaha but we take the safe path and just read them instead XD Well you really should check Lisa Gardner’s books out when you have time cause they are sooo good! You should give me some fantasy book recommendation cause I need a good one and I’m so scared to pick a random one out hahaha I got so disappointed with Uprooted by Naomi Novik that I don’t want to make the same mistake again XD

      1. I will have to check her out some time.
        I haven’t read Uprooted and don’t know what it’s really about but if you’re talking about Fantasy as the genre, I don’t think I’ve read much of that aside from Harry Potter. But Sci Fi has a lot of awesome books, like I said I think you should borrow Illuminae and see what you think of it. Ready player one by Ernest Cline, I don’t know if you’ve read it but that was also a really good book, I believe and they’re making it into a movie I heard. How about the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi? I’ve seen people saying they weren’t what they expected but I thought it was a good series and I loved the way it was written. Such an awesome author.

        1. Oh yeah I forgot I was gonna borrow it hahaha I’ve heard that her writing skills were bad that’s why I haven’t read the Shatter Me series but if you say it’s good I’ll give it a try! Uprooted is about magic and stuff but it’s just so weird like there’s not enough explanation and things just happens because the author says so lol I need explanation and answers when I read a book so I can understand what’s going on but in Naomi Novik’s book I didn’t get any answers even tho I forced myself to finish her book in hopes of finding out why everything is happening the way she wrote it but I was really disappointed! The way she explained everything at the end just made me more confuse and I started having more questions… I really need someone to read that book and talk to me about it cause I absolutely hated it and did not understand a thing in her world… maybe if I get some explanation I’d like it.

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